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Jason Murphy FCCA, Managing Director and Head of Centrus in Ireland recently spoke to ACCA’s, Accounting & Business Magazine about life at Centrus….

Centrus Advisors provides clients with advice across treasury and derivatives, capital raising, financial strategy and planning, systems, reporting and valuation services. By providing total transparency on proposed transactions, we are able to reduce our clients’ funding costs as well as support them in managing their treasury and funding risks.

The firm was established in 2012 and our Dublin office opened in 2014. At the heart of our ethos is the recognition of the trust our clients place in us and our desire to always do the best for them. Our clients value our independence and the fact that we always remain firmly seated on their side of the table. They rightly have high expectations around the quality of our work and advice, and so do we.

Through our work with social housing clients, my longer-term goal is to facilitate a solution to help ensure every child in Ireland has a permanent home. More and more children are finding themselves along with their families in temporary accommodation. We can help our clients in the sector obtain the most efficient and appropriate financing to enable the maximum delivery of homes.

I treat my role as a trusted adviser as a privileged position. I really enjoy adding value and solving problems for our clients. I have assisted clients in delivering benefits beyond the purely financial, which I find particularly rewarding. I set myself one key challenge when working with clients: to make work fun (insofar as that is possible) – it’s the best way to generate creative and valuable ideas.


I set myself one key challenge when working with clients: to make work fun – it’s the best way to generate creative and valuable ideas.

In recent years, treasury management has become a bigger priority for our clients. We welcome this shift and consider it central to good governance and financial management. The introduction of FRS 102 has sharpened our clients’ focus on the valuation of certain financial instruments. Technology in this area is helping clients. We offer clients access to Titan Treasury, which lets them see daily valuation of their financial instruments, and is complemented by our expertise in derivatives.

Centrus is proud to work with clients in social housing, social infrastructure, renewables and utilities. We recognise the long-term importance of the work of many of our clients, as well as the value that we can contribute in reducing their borrowing costs and maximising their capacity and capital efficiency.

The most important lesson I’ve learned in business also applies to life in general. It’s not what happens to you that matters, but how you deal with it. I also believe that if you really enjoy what you do, it won’t feel like work, which should increase your chances of being successful and happy.

This article first appeared in Accounting & Business magazine June 2016.