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Swan Housing Association signs up to titantreasury platform

Swan Housing Association, which manages over 11,000 properties across Essex and East London, has signed up to 3V Finance’s titantreasury platform, which is delivered by Centrus Advisors.

The titantreasury technology platform is an easy to implement solution and, when combined with Centrus’ treasury advisory expertise, allows organisations to efficiently manage their treasury operations offering transaction management, risk management, accounting, compliance and reporting support. With more than twenty years of expertise, 3V Finance is a recognised financial software vendor with expertise in treasury debt and risk management for Interest rates, Currencies, Commodities, Energy markets and hedging derivatives.

James Carr, Treasury Manager at Swan Housing Association said “Using titantreasury allows me to quickly review and report on our financial liabilities, supporting our decision making processes and providing us with the quantitative tools to run scenario testing on our treasury portfolio. As we transition to FRS102, titantreasury will enable me to easily value non-basic financial instruments, and understand the impact to the I&E from movements in forward LIBOR rates.”

George Karalis of Centrus said “We are very pleased to extend our existing advisory relationship with Swan Housing Association through their adoption of the titantreasury platform. titantreasury provides a market leading treasury reporting, valuations and accounting solution, which together with our market data offering and treasury expertise provides clients with a compelling and cost effective treasury technology package”.

titantreasury is a trade mark of 3V Finance. For further information please visit: