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Corporates and Pension Schemes roundtable: The illusion of risk?

On the 10th October, Centrus, Pinsent Masons and Law Debenture jointly held a roundtable discussion “Corporates and Pension Schemes – the Illusion of Risk?”

Participants included Treasurers and CFOs from leading utility and infrastructure companies such as Yorkshire Water and Liberty Global, as well as company pension scheme trustees and pension professionals from UK Power Networks and Legal and General. Also in attendance were professionals from Mercer and Zurich Insurance. The rationale for the roundtable was that the challenges of pension regulation, scheme rules and legal restrictions means that only through co-operation between the various stakeholders are the benefits from unlocking internal offsets and efficiencies realised.

The roundtable discussion was preceded by presentations from Geoff Knight at Centrus, Jae Fassam at Pinsent Masons and Mike Jaffe at Law Debenture who collectively discussed the holistic risk which a corporate and its pension scheme jointly face, the legal issues surrounding internal solutions (Employer Related Investments) and investment governance, potential internal hedging structures and the trustees’ perspective of recent transactions taking advantage of co-operation between sponsors and their pension schemes to create value.

Michael Chatterton at Law Debenture then chaired a roundtable discussion with participants. The discussion highlighted the value to all parties of being able to reinvest savings from efficiencies into further de-risking or supporting insurance solutions. If you would be interested in finding out more or in joining future events around this or other associated topics please contact:

Law Debenture

Mike Jaffe

Pinsent Masons

Jae Fassam

Raj Sharma

We’d like to thank our guests for joining us for what was an evocative discussion, and for helping add to the growing momentum of sponsors and trustees collaboratively working together for the best solutions.