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Bank and Institutional Finance – Senior & Junior Debt

The modern banking and institutional finance markets have evolved substantially as new regulatory and capital requirements influence the pricing, tenor and terms on which banks and institutions make lending decisions. In particular, the two markets now significantly  overlap and provide similar loan products.

In a fluid environment, our strong relationships with key lenders and new entrants provide us and our clients with clarity. We offer a well-defined understanding of current and future demand preferences on structure, sectors, credit quality, tenor and pricing, allowing us to direct opportunities towards lenders aligned with our clients’ funding objectives.

If interest rate hedging forms part of the funding package, we ensure the associated costs are properly understood and agreed early in the process so that this forms part of the overall economic appraisal of offers received.

Our experience also provides us with a clear insight into how a lender, or a pool of competing lenders, appraise opportunities and this enables us to streamline the approval process and increase the likelihood of a favourable response for clients.

Bank Finance -
Senior & Junior Debt

The modern banking and institutional finance markets have evolved substantially...

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Private Placements &
Public Bond Issues

Centrus has a market leading advisory capability in institutional debt, whether for private placements or public bond issues...

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Centrus works with clients in the public and private sectors to design and develop innovative financing structures...

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Equity, Hybrid
& Risk Capital

Risk capital provides the higher risk, initial-loss elements of a capital structure...

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A credit rating can materially affect a borrower’s cost of funding and the way in which lenders assess against comparable companies...

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