Corporate Finance
Creating value through independent, purposeful advice.

Financial Planning & Strategy

We work with companies of any size across a wide range of sectors to deliver a detailed understanding of the financial implications of their chosen business strategies and objectives, including:

  • Growth,
  • business capacity,
  • merger and acquisition,
  • regulatory implications and
  • new initiatives/special projects and bids.

We work towards successful results through

  • a detailed dialogue with senior management, in order to understand the reasoning behind the strategy and the outcomes sought in following them,
  • a rigorous test of a client’s plans within a qualitative and quantitative framework, and
  • a practical and innovative approach to delivery.

Capital Structure Optimisation & Strategy

In a competitive environment, effective capital structuring and strategy with a lower cost of capital are crucial...

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Our experienced team works closely with clients to develop and refine financial business plans...

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Liability management is an essential part of an effective treasury function – requiring active assessment...

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Debt & Derivatives Renegotiation & Restructuring

A changing and uncertain world can significantly affect financial liabilities, creditor groups and the relationships between them…

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