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Asset Finance

Companies of all sizes use asset finance as an alternative to corporate facilities to finance the capital assets of their business. 

Our asset finance professionals at Centrus have experience financing a broad spectrum of assets, including core transportation assets including aviation, shipping and rail; general plant and machinery; and more esoteric assets such as satellites. 

The Centrus approach is to provide bespoke, customer focused solutions, tailored to the needs of clients – all based on our wide range of investor and lender relationships.

Our expertise extends to asset and lease management services to investors who want exposure to the sector, but without the in-house resources to manage such investments. We manage assets throughout the investment life-cycle, starting with the acquisition, through the financing period and at disposal through re-marketing services.


Leasing is one of the most commonly used asset financing techniques and covers many different assets and structures...

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Debt Financing

Senior secured lending is a key element of asset finance and leasing of long lived capital assets...

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Structured Asset Finance

Structured asset finance covers a range of financing techniques that go beyond traditional leasing...

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Asset & Lease Management

A key element of all asset finance, and particularly leasing transactions, is that the investor retains an interest in the value of the asset...

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Asset Trading

Asset trading is a major value enhancement tool for asset owners. But it is essential for any asset owner to start planning a sale at an early stage…

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