Treasury technology and advice for effective risk management


Titan treasury is an expert Treasury Management System (TMS) that offers financial departments and treasurers the best functionalities for monitoring and controlling operational market risk (rate, foreign exchange, commodities), credit and liquidity risks.

Available in SaaS and in-house, Titan treasury covers the functional needs from front to back-office, including accounting of financial transactions and its hedges (UK Gaap and IFRS). The solution enables the company’s senior management to evaluate its opportunities while controlling its risks, as well as managing its financial strategies by integrating the treasury budget compared with the level of debt of the company.

Centrus is the sole UK provider of titan treasury risk and management system.
On top of  the extensive platform functionalities that help you save time and resources, we can provide you with expertise in treasury and accounting. Beyond the system, what makes Centrus stand out is our seamless customer service. We put the relationship with you and your team at the heart of the technology solution.

Enabling treasury
professionals to
focus on value.

Financial Instruments

  • Credit
  • Cash
  • Financing
  • Budget
  • Investments
  • Hedge Efficiency
  • Private Placement
  • Commodity Hedging
  • Cautions & Guarantees
  • Currency Derivatives
  • Interest Rate Derivatives


Andrew Hart, LiveWest’s Director of Corporate Finance

TITAN Treasury™ technology and the support offered by Centrus Treasury expertise has enabled the team to provide accurate and precise information to the Treasury Committee and the Board, facilitating in important decisions

James Carr, Treasury Manager at Swan Housing

Using TITAN Treasury™ allows me to quickly review and report on our financial liabilities, supporting our decision making processes and providing us with the quantitative tools to run scenario testing on our treasury portfolio. As we transition to FRS102, TITAN™ will enable me to easily value non-basic financial instruments, and understand the impact to the I&E from movements in forward LIBOR rates.

Our solutions:


A complete and
flexible TMS (treasury
management system)

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A powerful
quantitative platform
built for complex

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Bespoke and
flexible reporting

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