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Refurbishing Riverside’s Acre Lane Hostel

On February 4th over 15 employees from Centrus spent the day to helping with the refurbishment and remodelling of rooms in Riverside Group’s Acre Lane Hostel in Brixton, South London. The Hostel acts as a safe residency for homeless people aged 18-65 with enduring mental health issues or complex needs, the staff support residents to enable them to return successfully to society.

This was the first event we have organised under the “Centrus Communities” banner. The idea behind Centrus Communities is for Centrus and its employees to contribute to communities in a variety of ways, whether with our time, donations or professional input, or in this case good old fashioned elbow grease!

As well as throwing bodies at the work, Centrus also made a donation to Church Housing Trust, a charity which works closely with Riverside and supports the hostel, to help pay for building materials, new furniture and a contractor to carry out elements of the work which required professional rather than keen amateur hands.

Throughout the day our staff struggled with bathroom tiles, paintbrushes and dividing walls while the financial modellers, maths and physics grads were tasked with getting to grips with IKEA flat-pack furniture. The result was a completely remodelled and repainted lounge and cinema room, a refitted and repainted computer suite, the re-purposing of an old bathroom into a new spacious storage facility and finally the remodelling of the crucial medication room to make it more secure, accessible and comfortable.

Centrus was delighted to be able to support the staff and the residents of an important community facility, particularly one which is owned and managed by Riverside Group with which Centrus has a longstanding advisory relationship. The hostel staff feel that the changes will make their job a lot easier and more enjoyable and will help speed up the rehabilitation process and shorten the time spent at the hostel by the residents.

This was an exhausting yet highly enjoyable first outing for Centrus Communities, cementing a strong relationship with Riverside and establishing a new partnership with Church Housing Trust.

If you think we can help your organisation in any way, we would be happy to hear from you. Please email: howcanwehelp@centruscommunities.com