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CEO Sleepout London 2016 – Thank you to our sponsors!

So, proof, if it was needed, that following the huge generosity shown by clients, business partners, friends, colleagues and family, the Centrus Partners did indeed stick to their side of the bargain by sleeping rough on 31st October. Admittedly, the stand at Lords Cricket Ground isn’t exactly the roughest place in London but the concrete floor was certainly hard enough and the temperature suitably bracing for a bunch of pampered City types used to their creature comforts. In spite of his mysterious absence from any of the photos, we would like to re-assure readers that Geoff Knight was actually spotted at the event, last seen with a noisy group of drinkers keeping everyone else awake.

While we would never pretend that a single and very well organised night outside gives us much, if any, insight into the challenges faced every day by those people struggling with homelessness, it did make us appreciate our comfortable beds, showers and warm homes a good bit more the following night. It also underlined the importance of the great work that our housing association clients and homeless charities undertake in tackling the crisis of housing supply and homelessness which affects so many people in the UK on an on-going basis.

The five of us joined a further 200 sleeping out that night at Lords. The event raised a total of approximately £155,000.00 for DePaul UK which is the charity we supported. Between us, and thanks to the great generosity of our sponsors we managed to raise a total of £12,385 which Centrus will match and round up to a total donation of £25,000 to DePaul UK. In conclusion, a massive thank you to all of you who supported us and contributed so generously.

Best wishes in this regard and for anyone who would still like to, our sponsorship page is still open and can be found here.