About Centrus
Modern Finance

Centrus is an independent financial services group that believes in finance with purpose. We specialise in corporate finance, analytics and investment management and are united by a culture that values imagination, energy and purpose. We believe this can unlock significant value for our clients and their communities. Above all, we’re working towards a more modern financial landscape. It is a simpler and more responsible way of doing business by delivering real money and tangible benefits to the real economy.

Our areas of expertise include:

Our business is built on valued long-term relationships underpinned by trust, respect, integrity and expertise. We serve clients in a broad range of sectors, including, but not limited to:

Centrus Core Values

1. Clients First

Clients are at the heart of our business and we develop and maintain strong client relationships built on trust, respect, integrity and expertise.

2. Independence

Centrus provides genuinely independent services across our three business units. Our ethos and corporate structure ensure that clients are and always will be front and centre - giving them confidence that we sit on their side of the table.

3. The Power of the Team

We believe great teams can work wonders. Working as an effective team allows us to deliver effective client solutions. We work collaboratively with every client as part of their team.

4. Reputation

Our brand is only as good as our reputation. In turn, our reputation is a representation of our character as a business and the way we conduct ourselves and our track record of delivering for our clients.

5. Communities

Centrus operates primarily in essential services industries, which provide key assets to maintain strong and sustainable communities. This offers us a unique opportunity to use our financial and human resources to also support a wide range of community initiatives through Centrus Communities.

Corporate Finance
Creating value through independent, purposeful advice.

A new financial landscape

Treasury technology and advice for effective risk management

Systems, Reporting and Valuations

Investment Management
Return generating assets for modern, diversified investment portfolios

Modern investment opportunities

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